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AirCasting & HabitatMap in the News!

The New York Times followed us around while we went AirCasting, then wrote a story and made a video about it. The story is excellent in that it covers not only AirCasting but a range of different citizen science air quality monitoring efforts. We also landed an article in Take Part that provides a nice [...]

My Air, My Health Challenge Update

We submitted our solution to the My Air, My Health Challenge judges a few weeks back. We won’t know who won until they make the official announcement at the Health Datapalooza IV. In  the meantime, we thought we’d share our solution (which can be downloaded as a PDF here) along with the instructional video we [...]

Go With the Flow: Investigate Your Water System!

We are delighted to introduce Go With the Flow, part of HabitatMap’s MapThink Toolkit series. Go With the Flow is a short-term group research project that empowers high school students to investigate their water system through real-world learning and document their research findings using interactive web-based media. Go With the Flow combines reading, writing, mapping, [...]

Now Streaming Data from the Zephyr BioHarness 3

We’re happy to announce an update to the AirCasting app that includes connectivity for the Zephyr BioHarness 3. The BioHarness connects to the AirCasting app over Bluetooth, enabling AirCasters to record heart rate, heart rate variability, R to R interval, activity level, peak acceleration, breathing rate, and core temperature measurements. You can download the update [...]

AirCasting from Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Mayeta Clark, an intern at the New York Times video desk, contacted me a few months back to discuss AirCasting. I suggested that rather than do a sit-down interview, she capture AirCasting in action, because context is everything, right?  If the air is always safe to breathe where you live then personal air quality monitoring [...]

My Air, My Health Challenge

We’re delighted to be finalists for the EPA/NIEHS/HHS sponsored My Air, My Health Challenge. Together with researchers and engineers from Carnegie Mellon University and New York University, we will be using the AirCasting platform to link exposure to carbon monoxide and fine particulate matter with heart rate variability and blood oxygen levels. For those interested in [...]

What Goes Down Must Come Up: Addressing Vapor Intrusion in New York City

Vapor intrusion describes the process whereby volatile chemicals migrate from contaminated soil and/or groundwater and enter buildings through cracks or perforations in slabs or basement floors. Thousands of New Yorkers unknowingly breathe hazardous air contaminated with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) on a daily basis as a result of vapor intrusion. Frequently they do so in [...]

AirCasting Goes West Coast for Urban Prototyping

We had a blast last weekend in downtown San Francisco exhibiting AirCasting as part of the Urban Prototyping festival organized by the Grey Area Arts Foundation. We let folks check out AirCasting Laser Particle Counters (ALPACs) and Android phones so they could stroll around measuring and mapping particle counts and sound levels.  Here’s a map of [...]

Lighten Up! Introducing AirCasting Luminescence

We’ve just released the step-by-step instruction manual detailing how to make your own AirCasting luminescent apparel. AirCasting Luminescence uses a IOIO microcontroller connected to the AirCasting app over Bluetooth to illuminate LEDs in response to the sensor measurements received by the AirCasting app: green for low intensity, then yellow, then orange, and red for high [...]

Meet the AirCasting Air Monitor

We’re excited to announce the release of the step-by-step instruction manual for the AirCasting Air Monitor. This handy guide has all the information you need to build your very own mobile air quality monitor and connect it to the AirCasting app to map and graph your sensor measurements in real-time. The Arduino-powered AirCasting Air Monitor [...]