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AirBeam2 “Quite Accurate” According to Newly Released Performance Evaluation

During the summer and fall of 2018, South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) evaluated the field performance of the AirBeam2 against three Federal Equivalent Method (FEM) instruments. The results were positive for the AirBeam2’s PM1 and PM2.5 measurements, with R-squared values ranging from .64 to .94, and negative for the AirBeam2s PM10 measurements, with [...]

Raspberry Pi AirBeam Data Logger

Every semester I tell my students at Medgar Evers College that to be a great research chemist, you need to be a bit of everything: a bit plumber, a bit electrician, and especially a bit coder. Environmental research chemists rely on equipment and tools that are essential to their work. The better you can use, [...]

Using Citizen Science & Open Source Tools to Promote Community Health

AirBeam2 Technical Specifications, Operation & Performance

Hardware Specifications Weight: 5 ounces Particle Sensor: Plantower PMS7003 Relative Humidity Sensor: Honeywell HIH-5030-001 Temperature Sensor: Microchip MCP9700T-E/TT Bluetooth: Nova MDCS42, Version 2.1+EDR WiFi: Espressif ESP8266-ESP-12S, 2.4 GHz Cellular: SIMCOM SIM808, 2G GSM Microcontroller: Teensy++ About AirBeam2 AirBeam2 measures fine particulate matter (PM1, PM2.5 & PM10), temperature, and relative humidity. AirBeam2 uses a light scattering [...]

Adding an NO2 sensor to the AirBeam

Some months ago, I took part in the Mobicitair experiment led by ATMO Auvergne Rhône Alpes, an agency that monitors air quality in southeastern France. Mobitcitair uses the AirBeam and the AirCasting platform to enable citizen scientists to take air quality measurements and crowdsource the results. I live and work in Grenoble, France, a city [...]

Can an App Make Our Cities More Breathable?

Leveraging AirBeam Data to Inform Policy Decisions

New York City recently committed to implementing a “zoned” collection system for the commercial waste sector. By dividing the city into zones and having commercial carting companies bid to service each zone, the city’s study found that the number of miles traveled by private collection vehicles will be cut by an astounding 49 to 68 [...]

Livestream Your AirBeam

You can now livestream your AirBeam! To begin, visit the Google Play Store and make sure you are running the most up to date version of the AirCasting app. Then launch the AirCasting app, navigate to the settings screen, check “Streaming”, navigate back to the “AirCasting” screen and press “Start Recording”. It’s as simple as [...]

1,000 AirBeams Worldwide

With over 1,000 AirBeams in use worldwide and more than 100 million data points, the AirCasting platform is now one of the largest open-source databases of community-collected air quality measurements ever created. Community based organizations, educators, academics, regulators, and citizen scientists around the world use the AirBeam to measure, map, stream, and crowdsource PM2.5 measurements. [...]

Reprogram Your AirBeam

The AirBeam – HabitatMap’s low-cost, open-source air quality instrument for measuring PM2.5 – can be reprogrammed to meet the specific needs of your monitoring initiative. Don’t worry; it doesn’t require a PhD in computer engineering. Anyone can do it!  Just follow the step-by-step guide posted below. There are several reasons why you may opt to [...]