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Month: October, 2012

AirCasting Goes West Coast for Urban Prototyping

We had a blast last weekend in downtown San Francisco exhibiting AirCasting as part of the Urban Prototyping festival organized by the Grey Area Arts Foundation. We let folks check out AirCasting Laser Particle Counters (ALPACs) and Android phones so they could stroll around measuring and mapping particle counts and sound levels.  Here’s a map of [...]

Lighten Up! Introducing AirCasting Luminescence

We’ve just released the step-by-step instruction manual detailing how to make your own AirCasting luminescent apparel. AirCasting Luminescence uses a IOIO microcontroller connected to the AirCasting app over Bluetooth to illuminate LEDs in response to the sensor measurements received by the AirCasting app: green for low intensity, then yellow, then orange, and red for high [...]

Meet the AirCasting Air Monitor

We’re excited to announce the release of the step-by-step instruction manual for the AirCasting Air Monitor. This handy guide has all the information you need to build your very own mobile air quality monitor and connect it to the AirCasting app to map and graph your sensor measurements in real-time. The Arduino-powered AirCasting Air Monitor [...]

AirCasting in Action, Now with 500% More Sensors!

This evening I clipped an AirCasting Air Monitor to my backpack, strapped a Zephyr heart rate monitor to my chest, and set out to find a good place to measure bad air. Conjecturing that car and truck exhaust might accumulate in the area where the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway dips below street level before barreling into the [...]